The Sirenot (Sirens) Ensemble was formed in 2000 by Shosh Lagil and she has conducted it ever since.
The relatively small number of singers and the diverse repertoire allow Lagil to keep every member’s unique voice. Movement and acting have also become part of the artistic interpretation. Lagil encourages personal involvement on every singer’s part whilst developing the ensemble into a “polyphonic entity” so that it finally becomes a potent inner force, a rich combination of true diversity and vitality.

The outstanding repertoire characterizing the Sirenot Ensemble is an inseparable part of the vivid, sizzling culture in Israel.

The Sirenot Ensemble has performed in festivals and concerts in Israel as well as throughout the world, achieving enthusiastic critique and resounding response. The ensemble received invitations for future performances. Warm, friendly musical relationships have also been formed.

The Ensemble and its conductor have recently been awarded the Minister of Culture’s Odon Pártos Award for best performance of an Israeli work of art. The award-winning piece composed by Josef Bardanashvili and commissioned especially by the ensemble is entitled: “And the Notebook is Still Open”. It is based upon verse from the Book of Proverbs and cites Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers). The dramatic scene on stage is a protest against moral decay and decline in our society today.

“The ensemble’s performances of Israeli music are characterized by excellence as an ensemble and are musically intact. The experience of working together as an ensemble and its conductor’s sense for music are clearly evident. The ensemble succeeded in bestowing musical creation with spirit, stressing the unique quality it possesses and brilliantly expressing it theatrically.” … Except from the decision of the judges panel of the October, 2011 Odon Pártos Award ceremony.
The Sirenot Ensemble released its first CD, supported by the Zfunot Tarbut NGO (for art and artists in Israel). The ensemble is also supported by the Culture Department within the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Mifaal Hapais and the Raanana Municipal Authority.