Shosh Lagil, artistic director and conductor of the Sirenot (Sirens) vocal Ensemble. Shosh Lagil smiles and declares that she is, indeed, interested in music, since music speaks to her… As a musician she perceives her work as a conductor to be a true right given to her, opening up various possibilities to decipher music as she hears it.

Since Lagil is a classically trained singer and a graduate of the Tel Aviv Music Academy, she embarks on her search for the various possibilities and shades of meaning within the human voice.

She discovered imagination, curiosity and a good ear are more significant than technical vocal skills.

Lagil founded the Sirenot Ensemble in 2000. The women’s vocal ensemble is being led by Lagil, its conductor, as it journeys through the realms of time, culture, thought and form. The Ensemble often performs especially composed pieces, commissioned by Lagil. Her requests for original music are a part of her search for meaning, an attempt to find the point of contact between a work of art and the listening audience. Josef Bardanashvili’s impressive piece “And the Notebook is Still Open” is a type of theatrical scene or a moral play. It was commissioned for the ensemble. The performance and the piece itself are a poignant protest against our declining morality based on verse from the Holy Scripture.

The Minister of Culture – Odon Pártos Award of 2011 for unique interpretation of this piece was awarded to Lagil and the Sirenot Ensemble.